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3x Washing up Liquid

This set contains 3 bottles size 500ml each.
What is in it?
De ionised water De ionised/demineralised water that has passed through filters to remove minerals Holds all ingredients together in solution
Sodium Alkyl Ethoxy sulphate Plant derived surfactant ( surface active agent) Provides cleaning and grease cutting Readily biodegradeable ;
Coconut Diethanolamide Surfactant – cleaning agent & thickening agent Readily biodegradeable ; made   from coconut palm oil
Sodium chloride Viscosity modifier Increase the viscosity to improve performance
Cocamidopropyl betaine Mild surfactant biodegradeable
Fragrance ( parfum) Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oils
Phenoxyethanol Preservative Antimicrobial- Broad Spectrum activity
What can it be used on?

KINN eco friendly washing up liquid is gentle on your hands, but tough on grease! It will leave your dishes spotless and your glasses sparkling. 

What does it smell like?

KINN eco washing up liquid comes in two beautiful scents, lavender and rosemary or sweet orange. We don't like synthetic fragrances at KINN, so we use only pure essential oils. 

How do I use it?

It's simple, pour a small amount into warm water and let our plant based formula get to work on your dishes. Once you've washed up simply rinse clean. 

What is it free from?

KINN eco washing up liquid is free from petrochemicals, phosphates, enzymes, synthetic fragrance and animal by-product, harsh chemicals, dye, and is not tested on animals. We make all of our products in the UK.

What are others saying about it? 

"Hot List’s home has never smelt so good (or looked so spick and span) after using KINN’s new non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products"
– Metro

But don't just take their word for it, check out our reviews below, or why not head to our instagram and join the KINN family?