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Our Story

Where it all began - 1993

The story of KINN is one of family. It begins with the birth of Marie's daughter in 1993, and like many mums Marie looked to the products she was using in her home and for her daughter. Having spent a great amount of her time on her family and grandparents farm in the South of France she understood the importance of organic products and wanted to create a range of organic body care products that were safe for her newborn baby. Marie turned to her uncle, Marcel (founder of the Aromatherapy Association of America) for help. The company was to be named Little Wishes. But as time went by and Marie struggled to find a factory who would make the products without SLS/SLES and parabens etc, she found herself moving more and more into a career in interior design and property development.



Many years later and after many summers spent at her great grandparents in France, Sophie began university and it was then that she and Marie began discussing the idea of launching Little Wishes, only this time they don't want to focus solely on organic skincare. Instead they wanted to create a range of products that took the ethos of being kind to the body and environment around you to our homes.


So they went to Cabo! 2015

So in 2015 Marie and Sophie jumped on a flight to Cabo San Lucas to once again ask for their uncle/great uncle Marcel's help. He gave them his blessing, and substantial formula collection, and they began work on updating the organic body care to meet modern day Soil Association COSMOS standards. They also went surfing and enjoyed a pit stop in LA...



With the organic body care under way Marie and Sophie turned their attention to home care. They wondered why no one had tidied up the "interesting" ingredients yet, and why plant based cleaning was looked as being less effective? So they found a family run business in the UK who could help them turn their idea of vegan plant based, and effective, cleaning products into reality... and were willing to make them in very tiny quantities for them!

“We founded KINN because we think that if we’re looking after what we put on our skin, it also makes sense to look after what we use in our homes. Our ethos is Clean Beauty™ for you, your family and your home. Organic, natural and eco friendly can be on-trend too.” Marie & Sophie


So what happened next? - 2017

In April 2017 Marie and Sophie launched KINN!

It certainly was a whirlwind of a first year, between winning some awards, seeing their products on the shelves of Harrods, the overwhelming support of the press and bloggers and being called for a meeting with Waitrose just three months after launch, nerves rattling in their chest as they drove to Waitrose land!


To the future! - 2018 AND BEYOND!

At KINN we couldn't be more excited by what has happened since we launched, and we are excited to continue creating and evolving our products to be as safe, non toxic and natural as they can be. In 2018 we expanded our product line to include plant based laundry care and we're excited to see where 2019 takes us! Our ethos at KINN is simple.

Clean Beauty for you, your family and your home.