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5 amazing Pet activities to do indoors

by KINN Living April 07, 2021 4 min read

5 amazing Pet activities to do indoors

You’ve just come back from walking with your dog, keeping it short because maybe the weather isn’t good enough , or because of your time schedule.

Your dog is still motivated, your cat cannot take a walk unfortunately , or you simply would like to add some variety in your pets daily routine?

No worries! Here’s 5 amazing tips for all of you, to enjoy activities together with your pets at home.


1- Pet parkour 


Parkour is a great possibility to enjoy some indoor fun activities with your pet!  You don’t even need a lot of equipment  for a parkour: Chairs, little tables, broomsticks, toilet paper rolls - all of them are perfectly suitable for setting it up . Arrange them just as you like and watch your pet run around it afterwards! Fun! Safety first! Make sure that the environment is pet friendly. To do so, make sure that the objects are steady and cannot fall or hurt your pet. Another important, yet might slip your mind thing is that you should always make sure as much as you can not to clean your floor with aggressive chemicals.  Using natural ecological products will  make sure that your little ones can romp around freely without any concerns. 


2-Teaching tricks 

dog tricks

High fives, giving paws or sitting up , the possibilities are endless. By teaching them to your pets (Yes! Cats can also learn tricks! ) they will have a great bonding time with you, and learn , many useful abilities as well, like  holding an object. With this, your dog will be able to fetch a ball or anything else you throw. Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog fetches its toys back home itself?. So, by teaching your pet some tricks, you combine what’s useful with what’s enjoyable and fun!


3- Tugging games


Another great easy idea is to play tugging games with your pet. You can create the toy easily yourself at home. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  1. Search for some old and lint-free fabric remnants (e.g. old T-Shirts)
  2. Cut them into stripes to form 3 streaks out of it afterwards
  3. Weave a braid out of the streaks 
  4. That’s it! The toy is done!  :)

To start, you should encourage your dog to grasp the toy by showing it or lifting it in up in front of its eyes. After you gained its attention, let your dog grab the toy and start playing! Make sure to play in short bursts as it can be quite exhausting for your four-legged friend.

You don’t have an old T-Shirt lying around in your home? You’re one of the rare breeds!  Don’t worry! you can also play throwing games with your pet alternatively (yes, that’s possible indoors!). Just use a soft ball!

 We cannot remind you enough to keep the environment safe for your pet. Make sure to remove all of the hard hurtful objects from your pet’s way before starting the game. 

Also make sure your home is pet friendly when you clean. Our four-legged friends are always running over the freshly cleaned floor licking their paws afterwards possibly. This is why it is necessary to switch tonatural and ecological cleaning products. It is beneficial to us, our pets and to our environment.


4- Cat piñata 

cat pinata

Fact: Cats love to run after objects or to catch them.

Another fact: Cats love their treats. 

So why not combine both by making your own piñata? Your cat will have an amazing indoor activity as well as a lot of movement at the same time. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You’ll need some treats, a string and an empty cup (e.g. a yoghurt cup)
  2. Attach the string to the upper side of the cup. It’s necessary to be able to hang it later.
  3. Cut a small hole into the bottom of the cup 
  4. Fill the cup with some of the treats
  5. Hang up the cup and make sure that it’s reachable for your cat.

Your piñata is ready!


5- Scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

This idea is attached to very small effort and very much fun: Go on a scavenger hunt with your pet at home! Everything you need to do is to take some of your pet’s favourite treats and hide them around in a room (your pet still needs to reach them!). While hiding the treats, try to keep your four-legged friend in another room (as hard as this might be sometimes :D) so it cannot see where you are hiding them. You can also take some small boxes, cut a few holes and hide the treats underneath. Bring your pet in after finishing and start the scavenger hunt!

Did we stimulate your imagination by showing you these tips? Let us know in the comments if your pet (and you) liked them!

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Written originally in German by Laura Glass

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