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10 daily steps you can make to pollute less

by KINN Living April 14, 2021 3 min read

10 daily steps you can make to pollute less

Today we celebrate our dear planet, so let's honor it and learn to protect in every possible way 

You all know selective sorting and recycling but there are other simple steps you can take to protect our dear planet. 


1- Replace shampoos and shower gels with solid soaps 

Natural Soap

Maybe not a common knowledge, but solid soaps are an ecological alternative to shower gel and shampoo. Indeed, solid soaps produce almost no waste. They are often sold in cardboard or other biodegradable packaging. Moreover, they generally contain much less chemical substances than industrial soaps. In addition, I don't know if you were aware of it but industrial soaps have a lot of water which makes them less preservable, hence the need for a lot of preservatives. 

Solid soap seems to be a good alternative because of its packaging but also because of its composition. 

2- Do your laundry at low temperature

Low Temp

 First of all, it's economical, your electricity bill will thank you. Indeed, using the washing machine at 30/40 degrees consumes much less electricity than at higher temperature. And yes, choosing 30/40 degree detergents allows you to pollute less. If everyone goes for low temperature detergents, the national CO2 consumption would decrease drastically. But Be careful, although using the washing machine at 30/40 could be favoured but some really dirty clothes and linens need higher temperatures.

3- Choose your cleaning products properly 

Many cleaning products are still tested on animals in atrocious conditions. We encourage you to choose cruelty-free cleaning products. As you know, almost all industrial cleaning products contain substances high in dangerous chemicals . Just breathing them in and using them can be dangerous because many of them contain carcinogenic substances. The harmful substances in household products are released into the wastewater and some of them (which could not be treated) are released into the aquatic environment. Some household products are harmful to the environment but also to our health, so choosing the right household products is essential. 

Our products are cruelty-free, vegan, eco-responsible. 


4- Buy a reusable bottle

Reusable Bottle

We all know that plastic bottles are very harmful for the environment. 

However, many people continue to buy them massively. The reusable bottle is an essential alternative for ecology. There are many of them, in different colors, in glass or stainless steel, some bottles are even very elegantly designed. It’s a small change for you, but it can do  a lot for the planet. So you too, try to adopt a reusable bottle!

Be careful though, it’s important to wash your bottle at least once a day. But don’t worry, we got you covered with our ecological washing up liquid


5 - Buy second hand 

Second Hand

With today's advanced technology, everything can be found second hand; from clothes, furniture, appliances, books, accessories,...  Buying second hand will not only save you money, but also reduce your CO2 emissions. 

6- Return expired medications to the pharmacy 

Recycle Medicine

Thrown away medication contaminates ground and surface water. It can even pollute the water table. It's a very small gesture from you, but a very big one for the planet. 


7- Unplug it if you don't use it! 


We rarely think about it, but our computer or laptop chargers and other devices still consume electricity even when we “think” are not using them. Our appliances on standby, still consume electricity. 

8 - Avoid products that need batteries to operate 


Batteries are a very hazardous waste. Indeed, when batteries decompose, they release metals that pollute the environment strongly. The metals contained in batteries are rare and it is important for our planet to recycle them. So don't throw them in the garbage, there are still collection points everywhere for this purpose. Batteries are also extremely flammable and  present a risk of explosion and fire.


9- Choose LED bulbs over basic bulbs 

Led Lights

LED bulbs consume much less energy than basic bulbs. LEDs are about 10 times more economical in electricity than basic bulbs. In addition, LEDs are recyclable and do not contain toxic components or pollutants. 


10- Choose your eco-friendly search engine! Yes you can browse the web and save the planet at the same time!


With eco-friendly search engines, doing something for the planet has never been easier. The most famous are "Ecosia" and "Lilo"  with the main purpose to plant trees or to donate to an association thanks to the income of the advertising links. 

We hope that this article has taught you some tips to become even more eco-friendly!

Happy earth day to all and thank you for thinking about helping our planet!. 


Written originally in French by Capucine Sorbier

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