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10 benefits of yoga on your body and mind: 🌿🌸

by KINN Living June 17, 2021 3 min read

10 benefits of yoga on your body and mind: 🌿🌸

The International Yoga Day is approaching fast, for the occasion we present you 10 benefits of Yoga.

We advise you to do yoga in a green space or a space that you find pleasant to be even more relaxed. 


1- Muscle strengthening: 

Indeed, yoga is a special sport because it affects your body but also your mind. Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and to be in harmony with it. We often forget that yoga tones, sculpts and girds your whole body. For each muscle there is a special position. 

Some types of yoga tone your body more than others like power yoga. 


2- Yoga against anxiety and stress: 

Yoga teaches you to relax all your muscles and breathe well which reduces tension and decreases stress. Yoga helps to clear all the negative vibes from your mind. Yoga alternates moments where the heartbeat accelerates with much calmer moments. This alternation helps reduce stress by lowering blood pressure. Yoga teaches us to breathe correctly and slowly. Just a few small breathing exercises can relieve all your stress.

For anxiety we recommend the child's pose, the warrior's pose, the butterfly pose. 


3- Yoga increases your flexibility: 

If you practice yoga on a regular basis, you will quickly see the effects on your flexibility. Yoga stretches allow you to stretch your muscles and at the same time release any tension. 

Here are some poses that will increase your flexibility if you do them regularly: dog position, pincha, cow head. 

Be careful: practice regularly and listen to your body. Give your body time! 


4- Source of energy : 

Doing yoga regularly will help boost your energy. Take advantage of the beautiful summer sun to do your sessions outdoors, you will see, you will be even more boosted! 

We recommend that you do yoga in the morning before you start your day. You will have a much more relaxed day and no negative vibes. 

The postures to boost your energy: the waist with twist, the candle, the camel. 


5- Improves concentration

Yoga helps to improve your cognitive functions and specifically your memory and concentration. Some types of yoga help you focus 100% on an object like a candle to improve your concentration as you go. 

To improve your concentration: the tree exercise, the warrior position, and try the trataka. 


6- Yoga for insomnia: 

Certain yoga postures help to eliminate all the tensions of the day and help to activate a good blood circulation. In addition, the breathing exercises help to reject the negative when exhaling as if we were emptying ourselves of the negative and keeping all the positive of the day. The slow and explicit breathing of yoga allows you to be 100% relaxed before a good night's sleep. 

Poses against insomnia: the posture of the child, the eye of the needle

We also advise you to do meditation before sleeping. 


7- Yoga against painful periods: 

Yoga helps to relieve some of the pain and tension caused by menstruation. First, you need to do breathing exercises to get rid of tension. 

We also recommend some postures to relieve menstrual pain: 

Child's pose, this will relax your whole back; pigeon pose to relieve lower back; happy baby pose and nothing better than fetal position to soothe cramps.  


8- Yoga against back pain : 

Indeed, yoga helps to rebalance the spine. Yoga takes away muscle tension and helps to build up your back to make it straight. And yes! Yoga also helps to improve your posture. But be careful, nothing beats a physical therapy session if your pain persists.

Yoga poses to cure back pain: chair against the wall, warrior pose with the head down, cat pose, camel pose. 


9- Yoga for mental well-being: 

Yoga teaches you to feel better and be in harmony with your body. If you practice yoga often, it will gradually build up your mental strength. 


 10- Yoga refines your silhouette 

Yoga practiced regularly will refine your figure and tone your body. 

Postures to slim down: the half moon posture, warrior posture, half bridge posture, boat posture. 

We hope you will find this useful! 

Yoga has many benefits on your body and mind, but as everything is not magic, you must do it regularly to see the effects on you. 

Happy yoga day to all of you ! 🧘‍♀️💚


Originally posted in French by Capucine Sorbier

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